dyson Merry Christmas To Me! hand made stuff

ooOooooh! Yeah, I could hear some of you! Effectively, isn’;t this the ideal christmas present I could have ever received?! And early! Woot! This is the Dyson handheld DC58 (for animal hair) and I really like it. Seriously. It has a tiny increase button which tends to make it go uber strong to suck up all the animal hair (we have gorgeous extended haired kitties but the hair goes EVERYWHERE) I’;ve spent most of my time vacuuming my trousers. It really is also full of glitter from my christmas crafting. The floor of my craft area has never ever been so clean!
I need to tell you that I requested this tiny hand held number simply because I have back and hip troubles, so vacuuming with my typical Dyson vacuum (yes I do have a single!) is just out of the query for me and if I get fluff, cat hair or even porridge everywhere and I sweep them up with a brush I have real problems bending down to sweep it up making use of the little dust pan. This tiny hand held vacuum is ideal for my requirements. It does need to charge for about 3 hours for about 20 minutes use but as long as you are not replacing your normal vacuuming routine (you would be on your hands and knees the entire time) that implies your dyson can last the whole day. I’;ve gone a tiny crazy sucking up any dirt I discover, such as toaster crumbs, so it has been on charge very a bit but I envision laziness will kick in and it wont want charged so considerably!
The suction is wonderful, the extensions for the vacuum are great as well and the only point I would say it that I would like the bristles to be a tiny a lot more stiff for poking items out of corners. That small brush attachment is my favourite though and the one particular I keep on it most.
There have been fights in our house about who gets to suck up the dust.. thats how much we adore it ^_^ It is presently on offer from argos and there are lots of other cheaper alternatives as well (the animal hair one was the only option truly for us and our hairy fuzz ball kitties).
Update – My favourite extension has changed haha! the one for the floors, with the roller bristles inside is outstanding! It glides perfectly across the rugs to the wooden floor. I was vacuuming dust off bathroom scales and it lifted the scales. Possibly you could get two and attempt to get a tiny particular person stroll up a wall? I was amazed and had to inform absolutely everyone!
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