callahan hayes residence living room Modernism In Complete Swing amazing ideas This isn’t the 1st time that a swing as gotten our attention (see here and here), but it might be the very first time that a modern swing style has managed to hold its own alongside the exalted types of Saarinen and Eames. But, in this barn-like New England residence, made by the Maine architect Christopher Campbell, the Tiny Bird Swing, manages to make a compelling design and style statement of its own. Appropriate for each indoor and outdoor use, the plywood Little Bird Swing (identified by the bird silhouette on the side, and so named for “the migratory patterns of the lucky youngsters who use it”), has the type of thoughtfully created, playful sweetness that, we suspect, the Eameses would have wholly authorized.

little bird swing christopher campbell Modernism In Complete Swing amazing ideas Images: Dwell


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